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“Something sinister, an idea or the insidious beginnings of one, hatched in the dark recesses of his excuse for a mind. He felt it hatching as a nearly physical sensation, as if his brain was giving bloody birth. A demonic smile dominated his dirty unshaven face. He, oblivious to the commuters and panhandlers around him, brought a shaky, curious hand out in the air and felt the outer edges of the sinister smile.”

Renewal: Part II of the Committed Series

Sullied by people she was meant to trust, a young girl takes matters into her own hands. The prison is haunted by its former top dog, and his underlings are still motivated to kill for him. The lead psychologist at a hospital is disturbed by the murders happening in his ward, and he has a suspicion that his hospital tech is involved…



is the second installment of The Committed series.

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