The Pandemic and Mental Health

by Jan 16, 2021Writing

Personally, I have very mixed feelings about the pandemic since it hit in March(ish). In that month, I started working from home. Eventually, I switched jobs in August because I wanted to be a little more on the front line, as crazy as that sounds. I work as a CPS in mental health services. That means I have my own issues. In August, I started working at Einstein hospital. Part of me has always felt like I need to actually do something and hold myself accountable, especially when the crap hits the fan. Call it courage; call it foolhardiness; however you want to call it, I happen to have a big heart and want to be part of a solution, any solution, to this mess that we find ourselves in, sometimes regardless of the mental toll that can take on me.

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Jason W. Tapscott


Jason W. Tapscott is a writer and poet. He was born in a little town in Colorado called Lamar and currently resides in Philadelphia. His favorite things are his niblings, Liliana and Damien, and his cat, Pokey. His goal is to travel overseas and to visit all 50 United States and Puerto Rico.

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